Frequently Asked Questions


You've got questions? I've got answers!

How can I get delicious meals?

Just fill out the order form and submit!

When is the week’s menu posted?

New menus are posted every Tuesday morning at 7:30am here.

When do I order?

Place your order by Thursday at noon.

How do I pay?

Once you have submitted your order form, sent an e-transfer to ladysarasbounty@gmail.com. This will secure your delivery spot for the week!

I have allergies, can you accommodate that?

I work in a shared commercial kitchen so I cannot guarantee an allergy free delivery.

However, I try to accommodate substitutions.

Please note any dietary intolerances in your order form. ****If you are a new client with an allergy please contact Sara at Ladysarasbounty@gmail.com before placing an order.

When do you deliver?

Delivery is Monday from 5:30-6:30. I will leave the food on your doorstep and you do not need to be home. Delivery fee: $9 in Guelph, ON This includes dish pick-up.

When are my dishes picked up?

Used dishes are picked up the following Monday. Dishes must be placed in the bag and put on your doorstep before 8:30am. A delivery fee of $10 will be applied for any bags not placed out by this time. I am charged by the delivery service if the bags are placed out or not.

I have another question.

I’ll try to have an answer. Feel free to contact me at ladysarasbounty@gmail.com

What size should I order?

Single is best suited for a single person or two light eaters. Family size is best suited for 2-4 family members. *portion sizes can be increased for larger families. *If you are uncertain I recommend starting with a single size to get a sense of portions.

What is the cost?

I offer two sizes: SINGLE: best suited for a single $100 plus $9 delivery +HST FAMILY: best suited for 2-4 family members $165 plus $9 delivery +HST